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Kumbharpura : Nagpur || Pottery in Wholesale

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QI4zxPhzzPY&feature=youtu.be All the time we are searching for new places in Nagpur. This time we went to a place where you’ll get the pottery items in very low range. I am taking about Kumbharpura where we got to know alot about pottery. Go thorough this video where I have shared…

Pets MeetUp at Nagpur || Specially for Dogs

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=McPRo6m0QsQ&feature=youtu.be Hello all, I got the Invitation about a Pet meetup event, I went through its detail and decided to go to this social cause. It was a fun experience got to know more about pets Specially Dogs and also got to know such events happen at Nagpur.

Sitabuldi Fort : Military Base in Nagpur

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Sitabuldi Fort, site of the Battle of Sitabuldi in 1817, is located atop a hillock in central Nagpur, Maharashtra, India. The fort was built by Mudhoji II Bhonsle, also known as Appa Sahib Bhosle, of the Kingdom of Nagpur, just before he fought against the British East India Company during…

Sevagram Ashram || Baapu Kuti

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Gandhiji came to Wardha in 1934, at the invitation of Jamnalalji Bajaj. In April 1936, Gandhiji established his residence in the village Shegaon which he renamed as Sevagram, which means ‘village of service’. Gandhiji was 67 years old when he came to Sevagram. From then on, Sevagram has become an…

Where to Buy Plants in Nagpur

International Flori Farms is top Manufacturer of Agricultural  Plants, Horticulture Plants & Garden Material from Nagpur, Maharashtra, India. Music: 1) IncontroL, stabfinger & sir sway – chim chim cheree feat. dj mart one, louis arm 2) Ikson – Dear Autumn

Nagpur ki Barish aur Street Food (Manson)

Manson is here and here is a vlog about best snacks/food available at Nagpur. These are the best one according to me though you can mention your favourite snack/food at Nagpur in comment section. Music: 1) IncontroL, stabfinger & sir sway – chim chim cheree feat. dj mart one, louis…

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