Indian Railways: Double Diamond Cross 2019 (Incredible India)

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A Diamond Crossing in railway terminology is the point where two railway lines cross (not necessarily at right angles, forming the shape of diamonds at the crossing point. They are extremely rare and the most famous one, the Diamond Crossing at Nagpur is a Double Diamond Railway crossing formed by two double lines crossing each other. only three major rail lines meet at Nagpur junction railway station. One comes from the east, from Gondia, the Howrah – Rourkela – Raipur line. The other comes from the north, from New Delhi. The last one goes towards the South, carrying trains to both the west and the south. This line splits into two separate lines to the west (Mumbai) and the South (Kazipet) only at Wardha, some 80 km away. And only one of these lines form part of the diamond crossing, the Gondia line.

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